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Our journey resumes!

Last February we attended the Florida RV show in Tampa and left owning a new nuCamp Cirrus 820 Truck camper after trading in a motorcycle. Our 5th wheel will remain behind for awhile until at least hurricane season. Downsizing allows cozier movement without reservations as we meander the back roads across America. Leaving the heat & humidity once again, we’ll head for the Rockies as snow melts and parks sesonally open. So far the trees are in bloom while flushing with new buds.

We are traveling along the back roads avoiding those over-populated routes designated as interstates. Afterall, our purpose is to admire the beauty of the scenery at a slower pace where people wave, people are farming, people not caught up in the race. The roads meander gracefully along and our home is getting washed.

All the trees are flush with spring colors. Not as grand as those of south Florida’s Royal Poinciana, Jacaranda and Golden Rain Trees; instead these forests lining our view offer steady reds, yellow, pink and white blossoms bursting forth after a winter’s rest. Sometimes these terrains appear as confusingly to us as if fall has arrived. All their brown leaves have accumulated underneath the naked woods now soaked from buckets of rain. There is a contrast in colors seen trees of new growth and dead of winter.
Hints of spring are found in the green grass, some spring colors of early flowers in bloom and if you look closely some trees, that look dead, have green buds on them.

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