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Easter Bunny, Pastel Eggs and sick

So you are sick, what do you do while traveling? Getting sick on the road is one of the realities of life. It isn’t comfortable in a 2200 square foot home or a 140 sq ft RV. Although in a smaller space there can be challenges. We do have somethings that help us to cope with the illness that sometimes occurs.

We keep a small first aid kit, blood pressure cuff, tweezers etc for minor things. We also keep over the counter medications. When we need more than what is in our arsenal of first aid items, we turn to a doctor in the area but frequently we use a virtual office visit with a doctor via our smart phones. There are several reputable apps to use and some health insurance programs endorse certain apps for these visits for their clients. We have found this to be very helpful. When we don’t use the virtual app and require an MD we find an Urgent Care or ask for references from locals for whom to see. This past week we found we were missing something in our arsenal of items for medical needs but thanks to our ability to improvise a crisis was averted. It turns out we hadn’t packed an emesis (vomit) basin.

Tom was not feeling well and grabbed a rectangular storage container, dumped the contents and used it as his emesis basin. It was functional enough to use but the thing was wider than our doorway and tilting it was not a good idea. I emptied it a few times until I found a better item to use……an Easter Basket/Bucket that Tom had purchased a few days earlier. When I saw that it was as if I had found the golden egg? You know the one that little kids at an Easter Egg Hunt push one another out of the way to get to? Its blue color with bunnies and pastel eggs was the most beautiful thing to me in that moment.

Tom did use the virtual doctor office visit on the cell phone and spent a few days under the weather but made a full recovery.

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