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We arranged to store the truck camper (Doghouse) after several months on the road as Prescott flew to Salt Lake City visiting her sister. Then the girls & Tom drove south to Florida to fetch our Montana RV (Villa).  Two weeks later we met up in Tampa leaving the humidity & hurricanes behind. We then traveled back west meandering back roads while finding many campground dealing with the massive snow melts and flooding lakes, reservoirs and river banks.

Storing the Villa on the Front Range east of Denver took more time switching units. While shopping in Bennett we asked permission to overnight at King Soopers grocery store parking lot. There were other overnighters too. Much quieter for cool nights than over at the Love’s Truck Stop where commercial drivers need to stop overnight.

After completing to transition into our doghouse we scooted across Denver with a brief stop at REI before heading back to the high country.  Meandering along I-70 westward we went up Hwy 40 to Winter Park finding USF Idlewild CG to spend a week in full sun for solar and warmth!

From there we explored a few eateries & breweries and trekked back roads in search of dispersed cg’s and a drive to Rocky Mtn. NP (RoMo) in search of future places.  One memorable afternoon found us stuck in Alabama type mud around William Fork Reservoir after a rainy day.  Very fortunate to find assistance. In  short time we were out of the mud & wet grass back to solid ground.

Enjoying spring-like climate, the drive in RoMo to Alpine Visitor center at nearly 12,000 ft was so awe inspiring to bring us back several more times. Over into Estes Park for a visit was a bustling small seasonal town, to Rock Cut Brewery in search of cell service & post office then a nice dog park and just what do the girls want? To sit on our laps. 
During the trip over Alpine Pass we hit some inclement weather. Wind, snow flurries and hail. There’s still 8-10 ft drifts in the visitor parking lot. 

We stopped at Timber Creek CG as we left the park. First-come camping, our favorite!  So we went for 4 days and stay for weeks.  They were short hosts so naturally we volunteered with some great hosts, George & Jill until the scheduled hosts arrived. 

First Day of Summer! Brr-eautiful.

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  • Loved how you just volunteered to extend your stay to help out the camp hosts. We’d love to have that freedom. Soon.

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